Best Elliptical Trainer: The "Best" Elliptical Trainer Depends On YOUR Needs!

"Best elliptical trainer " – what does this term mean?

Unfortunately, this simple question has no equally simple answer, because deciding what’s the best depends on your needs and demands. If you plan to run a fitness club your concept of the best elliptical machine will be very different from someone who wants an elliptical machine for individual home use. That’s why almost all available reviews are divided into several categories, and everyone looking for best elliptical machine should first consider which class he applies to.

1. Best elliptical trainer – budget solutions

Budget elliptical machines means ones that cost no more than approximately $500. Designed generally for individual home use, they usually lack more advanced programs and have only limited endurance compared to heavy-duty club trainers.

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Most of these trainers also have a limited warranty, usually up to 90 days, although there are models with up to one year.

Perhaps the best elliptical machine in this class is Fitness Quest Eclipse 1100 HR/A. With a price tag of only $400, this model has good capabilities.

* Ten preset programs
* T wo heart-rate programs
* Handgrip sensor
* Supports up to 275 pounds (about 150kg)
* Gives good capability-to-price ratio
* One-year warranty.

2. Middle class elliptical machines

In this class we can find more advanced trainers, with better endurance. A Good example (and best elliptical machine in some consumer reviews) of this class is the Smooth CE. With endurance up to 325 pounds (about 175kg) and a compact size, this model has 7 programs and wireless heart-rate monitor.

It also includes upper body workout abilities.

High customization of this model, with a price of $1500, makes it good choice to almost anyone.

3. High and club class elliptical machines

State of the art, best-of-the-best elliptical machines, designed for durability, these models are indeed high priced ($2000 or more), but these designs are durable enough to serve in fitness clubs. Best brands like Precor are available in this class.

The EFX 5.17i for example has four programs, but 19 resistance levels, no weight limit, and with a price of about $2300 is considered entry level.

Another, the more advanced model EFX 5.33, is specifically designed for clubs and is perhaps best elliptical machine in this class, with 14 programs, one manual, and 20 resistance levels, upper body workout and a price of about $3700. Expensive, certainly, for home use but quite reasonable in a good gym or exercise club with heavy use from many different bodies.

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