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Saturday, 28-Jun-2003 05:17:38 EDT

Welcome To The Horns Inn

Welcome to the Horns Inn, a local friendy pub set in the heart of Nursling and the hearts of us all. Run by the landlord, Shane and Land Lady, and lovely wife of Shane, Janet, the pub offers exceptional cask conditioned ales, lagers, and fine food.

The building of 'The Horns' was built in the 16th century and was originally a coach house. In the beginning of the 20th century, the building was converted into a public house, which is the way it has stayed ever since

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. Through several renovations and improvements, the pub now consists of a public and a lounge bar including a non smoking section and a real log fire.

Our site is currently under going construction so if things appear sparse try checking back later when we have had time to fill in the blanks.

Update 16/11/2001
The Blackpool trip pictures are now all online. The images need some cropping and rotating and there are some changes to the text but they are well on the way to being complete.

Update 4/11/2001
The Webmaster apologises for the lack of updates for the site but now his development machine is back up and running they should be coming fast and furious!!
The second page of the blackpool trip is now online!

Come and join the friends of 'The Horns'
Best Wishes,
Shane and Janet.

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