Fasten your seatbelt, sister.

We're bold. We're fun. We're high impact.

Are you looking for a networking group? Sorry, this is NOT the place for you. We know, we know. You’re thinking, ‘but The Exchange is all women. It has to be about networking.’ Sorry, but nope. Nothing to see here- move right along to another site and another organization because you’re going to be mighty confused by what we’re up to here at Moxie.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for learning and growth events, tools, and a community of already successful women who want to grow themselves, their ideas, and their leadership abilities we may be just the thing you’ve been searching for.

Whether it's through our custom corporate programs, local chapters or executive coaching programs, we’re elevating the conversation professional women are having so we can change the face of leadership in the business world. Sound interesting? Spend some time kicking around the site and see which Exchange offering might be best for your company or career.

Game Changing

We’re shaking up the status quo. We provide learning, inspiration, momentum results.

We know that one of the things that women do best is to build relationships and that a special oxygen is created when accomplished women join forces. When amazing businesswomen come together in the same space and cooperate, we unleash magic. At the same time, we've got a structure and a process that drives progress and results. As one member stated, "There's not a wasted minute in these meetings." With those two elements dancing the tango, great things are happening! When members leave meetings they are inspired, energized and focused, and good things happen in the world. Here's how members describe their experience:

  • "The Exchange Movement is strong, smart, got some swagger."

  • "The Exchange Movement creates energy and excitement to take me through the next month. It exercises my brain."

  • "The Exchange Movement is a monthly mastermind with the most successful, forward-thinking, awesome women in business. It's getting together with a team of women who want you to succeed."

Some people keep trying to throw The Exchange Movement in a 'networking group' box. Heck no! Comparing The Exchange Movement to a networking group is like comparing your smart phone to an old rotary phone. Networking groups are designed for one thing- making connections. Just like your smart phone, The Exchange Movement is much, much more! Our meetings are value-packed, information-loaded, ‘tap into the experience of the smart women surrounding me’ affairs.

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We believe in the power of businesswomen to change the world for the better. In fact, that's our purpose. We're seeing The Exchange Movement members (who are corporate, entrepreneurial and non-profit movers shakers) taking their moxie back out into the world and making changes. Between the national member network of women with moxie and the ideas and action resulting from our meetings, real progress is being made!

You want to pay your moxie forward to the girls who make up the future generation of business leaders? We do that, too, via the The Go Girl Project.

We’re making the world better. Starting … now. Join us!

It’s going to take some serious moxie to cast off the conventional, and we’re just the women to get the party started. We invite you to mobilize your moxie! Sign up today, and rest assured that many "aha moments" await you.